About Women From The Ukraine

There is nothing an American man can do to prepare him for an encounter with a Ukrainian woman. Yes, there are photos and videos on our site. However, many men refuse to believe that they could be real – they are.

First of all, these are Slavic women. This culture embraces several European races including Polish, Russian and Swedish among others. This manifests itself in green eyes, trim bodies and blond hair. It is very rare to see an overweight or even obese Ukrainian woman. Private cars are expensive and rare, so they walk frequently. The result is obvious. There is also a Tartar influence which produces dark hair and eyes.

Ukrainian women dress to impress. Competition is fierce as there are 4 million more women than men in a country of 40 million. They would never leave their flat without looking their best, even in the morning. They value and pride themselves on their feminine qualities. They really favor high heels and boots (not an advantage for shorter guys).

When a woman reaches her late 30’s, especially if she has a child, it becomes difficult to attract men because of the vast number of younger women available.

Because life is challenging, women mature more quickly philosophically while holding their beauty. A woman at the age of 30 will typically possess the maturity of a 40 year old woman in America, where life is much easier.

What is interesting is that they are raised and expected to be good wives and mothers. Career comes a distant second. They pride themselves on their ability to cook, sew and keep a “cozy” home. If they have a job, they will work 10 or more hours a day, six days a week. It is similar to the role women assumed in the 1950’s in America. It’s a bit like dating June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver.

Realize, though, that they are well aware of life in America due to our films, shows and videos which are readily available.

Since university education is all but free to those with the grades to benefit, they are well educated and value culture. Also, they are taught to value age as an assurance of stability.

So why don’t they simply marry among the men in their own culture? Well, sometimes they do. Sometimes it works out, but often it does not. Ukrainian men clearly can have their pick. Good work is difficult to find. Alcoholism is a big problem. Men typically die in their fifties. No wonder the women are attracted to Western men.

So, it comes down to a “quid pro quo”. Western men, regardless of looks, age or occupation offer faithfulness and stability. The women offer youth, beauty and domestic skill. No wonder many have found happiness. Of course, at the end of the day, it comes down to two people finding a match between them. Also there are complications and a bit of risk. Is it worth it? Many think so. It’s up to you. Best of luck.